Axxium Experiment Pt. 1

Posted on July 15, 2010


So, OPI has this newish nail thing called Axxium, which are gel nails that supposedly last for two weeks without losing their shine or chipping or getting ugly.  As a girl who can’t keep nail polish looking decent for more than a day-or-so, this could be a dream come true.  The only downside so far is that I had to pick a color to be married to for the next two weeks.  I debated between black, navy, a deep coral color and “Strawberry Margarita” before settling on the pink drink.

They are supposed to stay pretty through darn near anything, but I think I am the ultimate test: I touch rocks all day, every day.  I’m going to document the pretty pink progress over the next 14 days.

I got them done by Glenda at Got Beauty in Sugarhouse.  I’ve never had a nail tech who I thought “I’m coming back to her” until today.  Glenda is adorable, personable, and does a great job.  I think I found my nail lady!