Axxium Day 10

Posted on August 7, 2010


Axxium Day 10, originally uploaded by Flitryss.

I liked them! I got a new set on the tenth day, only because they had grown out. I don’t think it is possible (for me) to get the promised two weeks out of them. For $30, three bucks a day to not have to worry about my nails seemed worth it.

The down side to keeping them: When I went to get my new set, they used a power tool to file the pink ones off before replacing them with “Russian Navy” which was supposedly mostly black and only looks blue when the light hits it right. That was not the case, they are totally blue (I will post about my second set later). Back to the down side… My total for the second set was $50, because they charge $20 to take the previous set off. I’m not sure how I feel about that… in a month that takes the nail budget from $90 to $150 and I’m pretty sure I can’t rationalize that, plus pedicures, plus my coffee addiction.