I did it!

Posted on August 11, 2010


For a long time, I have thought that I should sell some of the vintage treasures that I’ve accumulated on Etsy, to share their radness with the world.  Of course, doing something like that requires time, which isn’t something I’ve had a lot of to spare lately.  After the ordeal that was moving my mom, it has become easier for me to part with things, and I have more of a desire to part with them, too.

I started making headbands a while back, I have worn them here, and talked about them here, and every time I wear one, people ask where I got it.  I tell them that I made it. They ask me if I sell them. I tell them I don’t. They tell me I should.

So, I am.

Announcing Flitryss on Etsy.   The shop is a little bit sparse for now, but I have more things made that I need to photograph and list, and a whole bunch of vintage in a basket waiting for its turn to get into the shop.  Without my sister, I wouldn’t have ever done it.  She provided encouragement as well as tips, hints, and graphic design services to help me make it happen.

There will be plenty more headbands to come in the next few weeks… We are, after all, well into baseball and heading into football, and I think we still have some golf on television too.