The Rest of The Birthday Action

Posted on September 6, 2010


I wanted to finish sharing the party I had last weekend so that I can get caught up to the adventures I had this weekend, so here’s a quickie!

Vintage platters, the yellow one may or may not have been accidentally stolen from my sister because she left it here once.

Why I should sit where I can keep an eye on him, and why I love him so.

Cupcakes with sprinkles

Vintage glasses in a serving holder

Big Jim, one of my favorite people.

Sauteed onions with dijon mustard, topped with smoked ham and jarlsberg cheese

Brie with walnuts and honey, and water crackers

A vintage owl glass

Slicing cheese for the open faced sandwiches

Some more dishes

Daniel thought that I left a space open for his Rockstar

Glasses all set out and ready.