Some Kind of Flowery Vintagey Whiskey Cocktail, plus Bonus Neurosis

Posted on September 15, 2010


I attended a vintage inspired cocktail party last month with some absolutely fantastic ladies.  Heather (Who writes Examiner articles about local lunches and fresh foods) opened up her beautiful home and patio to us and Tiffany (who writes about really great food that she spoils her lucky family with at Food Finery), Becky (Who writes about all manner of deliciousness at The Vintage Mixer), and I all brought vintage type dishes to share.

I brought this cocktail, which doesn’t really have a name, as it is a combination of a bunch of recipes I found on the internet.  It also doesn’t come with pictures (Girls? Does anyone have a photo they can share?) because, well, we drank it all.  Also, we should give it an official name, so everybody please weigh in! Edit: I got pictures! Thanks girls!

Not only did this taste delicious and refreshing, it was what I felt like was a great mix of girly and tough.  Galliano Liqueur is sort of herbal as far as flavor, is a very nice yellow color, and comes in a tall slender bottle that is just plain pretty.

I used Jim Beam whiskey because I decided in my head that the bottle looked more retro and less bad-ass than Jack Daniels.  The brand of whiskey I brought to the party was a hard decision.  Jack is what I “spill” into diet coke as an adult, or may shoot on the right night.  Jim Beam is what a younger, way more rock-and-roll version of myself would drink straight from the bottle in an effort to prove she could out-man the boys… Thus the problem in deciding… Jack which I associate with sophisticated bad-assery, or Jim Beam with a more retro vibe but kind of gross old-man-awesome in my head? Frankly, the bottle of Beam looked better with the Galliano so I chose that.

I made a simple syrup with vanilla and honey.  I used  one cup each water and sugar, about a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and about a tablespoon of honey.

The recipe… Not that there really is one… is as follows:

You will need the simple syrup, the Galliano Liqueur, the whiskey of choice, club soda, and lemons. The “Measurements” below are using a highball glass.

Pour three small “Glugs” of the Galliano into a glass… It will be just shy of an inch deep.  Add three spoonfulls of the simple syrup. Pour whiskey in to a count of four (You choose the speed at which you count!) then top with club soda, add some ice, squeeze a lemon wedge, drink, repeat.

Thank you Tiffany for the photo!