A Fancy Wallet with Adorableness Hiding inside

Posted on September 16, 2010


I found this wallet in a thrift store in Richmond, Utah on a recent field trip.  It was very inexpensive, and I had to have it because it looked to be in such perfect condition.

I opened it up to explore the condition and functionality of the inside, and found a tiny notepad, still intact, in a slot that appears to be for a check book.  There is also a tiny ink pen that slides into a little nook.  The best part, though, was the little label that had been placed inside the ID window.  Handwritten “For Identification Card”.

I got a huge smile on my face.  The only thing better than a fantastic vintage find is a fantastic vintage find with a silly little story behind it.  It gives e a sense of wonder as to where this has been for the past however many years, why someone took the time to label the parts, and for whom.

As I flipped it over, I discovered another little note.

When I got home, Daniel found the last bit of amazingness hiding inside of my new treasure.  “For Bills. (Greenbacks)” You know, as opposed to bills (invoices). I love it.