Camo, You Know, for Huntin’ Season. (muzzy deer…)

Posted on September 20, 2010


Muzzy is apparently slang for “Muzzle Loader” which is a kind of gun that is easier to get a deer killing permit with. Who knew? (I work in an industry dominated by dudes who knew. And know. And take time off to go shoot animals.)

Last night my sisters and I were at Torrid and I couldn’t NOT get this cami.  I also got the belt and the frog ring there.  The belt might be one of my new  favorite accessories. The frog ring is just plain wow.

I bought the cardigan last week at Koo De Ker in Salt Lake City.  I bought a few things, and I might need this cardigan in more colors.  I love everything about it, I will see how it washes up but I am pretty positive I will be back for more.  The owner and girls at Koo De Ker are adorable and helpful, and they have super cute things and a little shop dog named Miso who is the softest living thing I’ve ever touched.  I just wanted to scoop him up!

When I saw this frog ring last night, I was awe-struck by its ridiculousness.  It’s huge, detailed, and sparkley.  I might wear it every day for a while.

Here is a close up of the sandals, they are nude patent gladiators that I found on sale at The Gap for about $6.  I get compliments every time I wear them, which is kind of a lot.

And as an added bonus, my puppies and me. They were busy giving me loves and didn’t want me to get my picture taken.