Halloween is coming!

Posted on October 5, 2010


Halloween is my favorite.  I love autumn weather.  I love warm, rich colors.  I love, love, love it.  I used to have more Halloween decorations than Christmas ones, but that has changed in recent years as I have amassed a collection of deliciously tacky vintage Christmas things.  I digress.  Halloween, HELLO!

My adorable friend Stacey who is a former coworker is a design genius.  She has a cute blog and posts nifty thrifty home decorating ideas with one of her friends.  When I saw this post, I became inspired and decided that I needed to make some trees of my own.

I put Li’l Girl to work, letting her choose the papers that we would use, from the box of paper labeled “Mom’s paper. You can use this ONLY WITH PERMISSION”.  I used an owl cookie cutter as a guide, and freehanded the bat, and made a card stock template of each.  The bat turned out to be too detailed for Li’l to enjoy tracing and cutting out, so we only made a few of them.  The owl was a lot easier, and we like owls, so we stuck with that.  I’m not certain what inspired the partial purple color scheme, but I think she did a great job.

We made two trees, and “Planted” them in popcorn kernels in vintage vases.  We added them to our collection of funny looking pumpkins that we gathered at the Murray Park Farmers Market last Saturday.

And, here she is, Sadie the Sideboard, my favorite vintage find ever, all dressed up in her Halloween finery!