80s Microwave Cocktail Party

Posted on November 14, 2010


A few months ago, some ladies and I got together for a vintage cocktail party.   We decided that afternoon that it would be the first of many.

A few weeks ago we got together again, with a different vintage theme.  The 80s.  And microwaves.

I was at a thrift store with my sisters one Saturday and spotted the ultimate in hostess gifts for such an occasion.  Behold, the Micro-Rave rack… It doubles microwave oven cooking space!

Tiffany was the lucky hostess this time.  Her little girl was kind enough to let us borrow her pink tape player and there were several cassettes dusted off and brought out for the occasion.  Tiffany, her husband, and Heather all provided some pretty rad tunage.  My favorite find, which will likely come as no surprise, was this:

Once we were all there, Heather, Becky, Tiffany and I gathered for photos before Mr. Foodfinery and Foodfinery children left for their own adventures.  (Thank you Mr. Foodfinery for taking our pictures!)  I super loved how each of us showed up rocking a different 80s fashion statement.

Tiffany provided all sorts of gourmet mixers for our drinks.  Orange Crush, Grape Crush…

Heather even brought some spare rad fashions to use as decorations!  Who doesn’t love colorful Guess and Girbaud denim?

I think my favorite part of the night was when Becky announced that it made her happy to have friends who are silly enough to be grown women dressing up in costumes to sit around, eat, drink, and talk.  I have to agree, I feel very lucky to know such fun girls!  Tiffany even sent us home with goodie bags complete with White Rain hair mousse, Pop Rocks, Zots, and Candy Necklaces.

The night ended with a small princess asking each of the guests our favorite color, then sneaking off to her play room and returning with a tray of tea and treats in the colors we chose.  It’ wasn’t 80s, but it was beyond rad.