Is profundity a word? If not, we can go with ramblery.

Posted on January 28, 2011


I’m not even going to bother trying to explain the past few months.  It would take years.

I’m in the process of moving house.  Not far, which I think makes it harder.  We are moving a little bit southeast of where we’ve lived for the past five years… Closer to Big Cottonwood Canyon. Closer to snow. Awesome.

This little house is packed with vintage charm and fantastic potential.  The fireplace is pink (really mauve, but pink sounds better).  The bathroom walls are terribly awesome fake pink tile.  The layout is wonderful, and there’s a great yard for Max and Millie. 

Most importantly (besides the fireplace) is that there is a great neighborhood school for Li’l girl.  She’s been homeschooled by her step mother for the past year, and I made the decision that she would be better off in an actual school.   The move was the perfect time to make the switch back.  Li’l was hesitant at first, but warmed up to the idea of giving it a try.  I am SO PROUD of her!  She is catching up easily on the things she was behind in, her teacher is wonderful, and she seems to be making friends.  She skips when she walks and smiles more lately.  I was afraid she was falling into herself because of the lack of social interaction with children her own age, but she seems to be transitioning very well.  She even went to chess club today!  It makes me so happy, and I am glad for the affirmation that I made the right decision.

We’ve been painting some of the rooms at the new house.  Everything was paint color “Pure Bright White” so it needed a little bit of personality.  Do not fear… While this post won’t contain photos, there will be plenty more to follow!

I’m very excited that one of the nicest community recreation and fitness centers around is a block from the new house.  I’ve been struggling with weight issues lately, a lot due to my lack of activity other than busting my ass at work, in addition to what I refer to as “Car Lunch” which means I have terrible eating habits nowadays, ranging from a fast food burger some days to Fiber One tablets and a quad americano others. Or just a quad americano. It’s kind of ridiculous, and by “kind of”, I mean it has got to stop.

I spent four days in Mexico recently.  I feel very lucky to have made new friends both in and out of my professional circle.  Somehow, while there, I managed to run full speed up stairs two at a  time.  I stayed up overconsuming until 3am and got up at 6 or 7 with no problem and felt great most of the time.  Now I have a theory… I need water.  I can’t live in Utah forever.    How can I feel so sick so much of the time at home, so run down and tired, yet so very, very alive at the ocean?  I guess it could also be my stress level… Work is always on my brain.  I even work in my sleep.  It’s hard to have a conversation without work becoming involved, at least in my head.  I am thankful for my job, but sometimes I wonder if everything is really worth it.  Will Li’l be like me and sometime in her 30s make a decision to write off my work habits and the fact that I come home tired and cranky as me “Doing the best I knew how” like I did with my dad?

Whatever it is, I think it’s time to make a new plan.  Change is in order.  Obviously we’re not leaving Utah for a long time, so I guess I just need to remember to step back and relax once in a while.