Lamb Chop

Posted on February 24, 2011


When I was in sixth grade, my mom got a Lamb Chop puppet from Avon or something, and gave it to me.  I don’t remember the story of how I got it, because it mostly doesn’t matter.  The point is, I still have it.

I do remember the story oof why I still have it.  When I was 16, we had a house fire and lost most of our belongings.  Somehow, the Lamb Chop puppet ended up surviving.  We lost a lot of our photos, mementos, and other such things in the fire.  We’ve lost most of the ones that were not lost then, since, as a result of things that I probably should be in therapy for (ahem: mother) but that’s a whole other story.  For whatever reason, the puppet stuck around through the years and eventually Li’l Girl got ahold of it as a baby.  We skipped it over during many toy purges, but the time has finally come to say goodbye.

Last week at lunch, one of the adorable ladies mentioned that she could not eat lamb because of her love for Lamb Chop.  When I found the puppet in the basement, removed him from the donation pile, tweeted a photo and asked if anyone wanted him, and made sure to mention her.  She responded that “Lamb Chop WITH the eyebrows” could not be donated because her future children needed to play with him.  I could not agree more, so the lucky puppet will get a new life and a new home.

And Aubrey: It’s okay to want things, and get them, and say they are for your kids.  Just ask all of the Sanrio merchandise I bought in my early-mid twenties.

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