Muscle weighs more than fat and the moon is stupid.

Posted on June 15, 2011


This morning I had kind of a break down.  I was getting dressed and nothing was going right.

This led to: I suck at life because I am behind on laundry.

Which led to: If I wasn’t so fat, the clothes in my closet would fit right and I wouldn’t have this problem.

Which led to: Crying because I am frustrated that the scale has not moved downward despite 3+ weeks of exercising a LOT. (I know, I know. but still!)

Which led to: Crying because I am a failure at everything.

EVERYTHING. Really. Crying.

Then somebody mentioned being moody because of a lunar eclipse… So I feel a lot skinnier and like I totally have my shit together now, because it’s just the stupid moon’s fault.

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