Can we exchange numbers?

Posted on July 7, 2011


I’ve been less active on the internet lately. It is totally on purpose. I just felt like I wanted to simplify and just sort of quiet down a little bit.

I joke a lot about swapping phone numbers with new friends like it is a big deal. Like we don’t follow each other on Twitter and know what the other had for breakfast, and what they were doing the previous evening at about 11:45. But really. Can I just have your number? Can I text you and be like “hey are you going to the new market in your hood?”

For a little while, I was escaping and venting to the Twitter. When a friend told me that one of her friends had asked if I was alright, I realized I had better suck it up and quit bitching.

My Twitter account has been set to private for the past few months, and I started thinking that maybe it is losing its appeal. Really it doesn’t do anything text messaging can’t do, so see above. We can totally still hang out.

I’m still here. I will still tweet and talk about what I had for breakfast. And if you ate hearing from me late at night, you will still know what I am or am not doing. I’ve been thinking lately that rather than tweet and confine myself to a character limit, I might even do a little bit more rambling here.

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