How I Ninjad a Case for my Galaxy Tablet

Posted on September 8, 2011


Yeah, so all of the cases I could find for the Galaxy Tablet were  ugly. And black. And like $50.

So I found a planner cover at Target for $10. It doesn’t have rings, it’s designed to hold a spiral bound note booklet type of thing. I removed said notebook thing.

I stuck three strips of the soft side of hook and loop fastener (um. Velcro.) to the back of the tablet. Soft side because when I hold it I want to not touch hard side.  I then proceeded to stick three strips of the hard side in  corresponding locations inside the back cover of the padfolio.

That’s pretty much it. I want to say this idea is copywrited or something but it isn’t, but if you make a bunch of money on it hopefully you’ll share.