It’s time.

Posted on May 2, 2013


I’ve had a lot of urges to write and to share lately, but I haven’t been sure what the best format for such things would be. I thought about starting over. I thought about continuing a project I started last year. 

I realized that this project isn’t done. When I started writing here, I labeled it as “A grown up girl’s diary of all the things she loves and all the things that challenge her.” I’ve faced a lot of challenges since I stopped posting here regularly. Life has changed from excitement and hope to utter despair and has come full circle. The lessons I’ve learned are priceless and I’m ready to start sharing again. 

I’m not going to promise regularity because let’s be honest… I can’t even commit to brushing my hair every day, and I’m not writing this for anyone but myself and whomever might stumble upon it… but sometimes I need more space to say what I want to say, and here I don’t have to force my grammar to suffer in order to make things fit.





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